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Kairos is a Greek word meaning right or opportune moment. We believe the art of storytelling has two components, first a great story and second told at an appropriate time. This is what makes it memorable and impactful.

5, in our logo, is our deep rooted belief in the power of nature and natural laws which govern everything. We apply the 5 laws of nature to the science of communication i.e. water, earth, air, fire and ether. Mixed with these elements are the physical laws which govern the very nature and universe.

Nature inspires us, because it drives everything so seamlessly and effortlessly, yet it is balanced and all encompassing.

We are a team of strategic thinkers and storytellers who reflect and think before we act. We use the power of digital tools to help create a dialogue around a brand and that makes the objective of marketing easier. Our loyalty is always with the brand and the people it serves, with honesty and integrity being at the core of our workings.

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We’re the people behind Kairo5 Marcom.

Gaurav Tiwari

Chief Brand Evangelist

Gautam Tiwari

Head-Copy, Content & Film

Nipun Anand


Karun Dhami

Client Servicing Director

Arjun Mahajan

UI/UX Designer

Ajitesh Rastogi

Sr. Account Manager

Prakrati Chauhan

Social Media Contriver

Simran Chadha

Visual Communicator

Sarthak Kaul

Content Writer

Deepti Srivastav

Sr. Visual Communicator

Alok Sharma

Sr. Web Developer

Advisory Board